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Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Custom Orthotics in Fort St John

Fort St John Physiotherapy Clinic offers physiotherapy, injury rehabilitation, and custom orthotics in Fort St John and the surrounding area. We are dedicated to your rehabilitation and overall health by addressing your condition with short- and long-term physical therapy treatments. Our physiotherapists always take the time necessary to discuss your injuries and chronic pain in order to determine a treatment program that meets your individual needs and goals. Fort St John Physiotherapy Clinic also accepts all WCB injury and ICBC claims.





Pre-Employment and

Post-Injury Testing

Functional Capacity


From rehabilitation for sports and work injuries to treatments for chronic back pain, our services include:


Incontinence program

Sports therapy

Postoperative care

Joint mobilization and manipulation

Functional capacity testing

Customized knee bracing

Soft tissue mobilization

Rehabilitation of neurological conditions


Women's health

Sports injury rehabilitation

Massage therapy

Manipulative (manual) therapy

Customized orthotics


Specific and general exercise therapy

Sports and medical supplies

Treatment of sciatic pain with mechanical traction

Committed to Quality Care

Our proactive, hands-on approach is just one of the ways we fulfill our commitment to your quality of care. If that means opening our clinic on Saturday to fit your schedule, we will do it. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation and start your road to pain-free living.

Wave Goodbye to Pain

Fort St John Physiotherapy Clinic helps patients manage and overcome their injuries and chronic pain through a wide range of treatment options.

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