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Fort St John Physiotherapy Clinic offers complete treatment programs for injury rehabilitation and post-operative care.

Fort St John Physiotherapy Clinic: Injury Rehabilitation in Fort St John

Fort St John Physiotherapy Clinic offers complete physical therapy and injury rehabilitation in Fort St John for sports injuries, chronic pain and post-operative care. The experienced and knowledgeable therapists at our clinic offer treatment programs to a wide range of clients from across the Peace River Regional District. Our physiotherapy services include sports therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and more. We also offer several programs focusing specifically on women’s health, including incontinence management. Serving both individuals and businesses in our local communities, we provide pre-employment and post-injury testing, including functional capacity testing, as well as handling all WCB injuries and ICBC claims.

Our therapy and rehabilitation services include:


Incontinence program

Sports therapy

Postoperative care

Joint mobilization and manipulation

Functional capacity testing

Customized knee bracing

Soft tissue mobilization

Rehabilitation of neurological conditions


Women's health

Sports injury rehabilitation

Massage therapy

Manipulative (manual) therapy

Customized orthotics


Specific and general exercise therapy

Sports and medical supplies

Treatment of sciatic pain with mechanical traction

Promotions and Special Offers

Custom knee bracing and orthotics

Custom Orthotics and Medical Supplies

A knee brace or custom orthotic can make the difference between constant pain and a fully-functional life. In caring for patients who suffer chronic joint and back problems, we offer orthotics and braces, among other sports and medical supplies, to aid you in your rehabilitation. If you have been experiencing chronic pain, talk to one of our therapists about your options. Contact Fort St John Physiotherapy Clinic now to schedule an appointment for your initial consultation. For your convenience, we also see clients after 5 p.m. and on Saturdays by appointment only.

Suffering isn’t Mandatory

We treat patients with sports or work-related injuries and those afflicted with chronic pain.

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